Saturday, September 24, 2011

poem: I Would That I Might

I would that I might
be the water
that splits the mountainside
and scours the land
which cleans the body
and might still drown a man
undertow, airborne
rising from the ocean
and feeding the garden
raised by my own hand
would that I were
so dangerous and generous
which spills over eyelashes
when the heart sojourns
joy and loss and defeat
to be the water I drink
the storm above
dancing with the moon’s cue
ebbed and tided
to be so necessary, timeless
to take the path
of least resistance
but in the mirror
of the lake’s placid repose
is an animal, wild, mortal.

I am that Imight
let my desires rule me
eat when I’m hungry
take what I want.

When you are thirsty
you can’t drink me
and when you shine
your light upon me
I don’t evaporate.

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