Wednesday, October 12, 2011

lay my head down

I collect pillowcases. Used pillowcases. I want yours, if you are missing one, I probably stole it. If you gave me one that you had used for many years, I cherish it. Pillowcases are where you tossed and turned, where you dreamt, where you cried and recuperated. They might be the most intimate inanimate object in our lives.

So, I decided to make a pillowcase this week. All silk on one side, laying against it is ephemeral. And then on the other side, well ... me. I didn't think this through, I just well hellbent into headlong so to speak. But about halfway through I realized that this pillowcase is asking someone to sleep with me, and now I don't know if it's more bizarre to keep it or give it away.

anyway, more, less creepy pillowcases to come ...

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